Relaxing Massage


Individual RMT Fees May Vary



$100.00 -  $113.00

including HST.


$115.00 - $141.25

Including HST.


$130.00 - $169.50 

Including HST.


$150.00 - $197.75 

Including HST.

Why are our rates a price range instead of a fixed fee? Our RMTs are independent contractors, able to set their own rates as part of their own businesses at will. The service we provide is a central point of contact for booking, billing, answering queries, and providing support as needed.


Travel Fee

There is a travel surcharge based on the KM travel from the RMT's home office, with no surcharge within the first 10KM. Each additional KM will be $1.50 (taxes included). This is to cover set up, tear down and transportation time. When there are consecutive massages at the same location the travel fee may be discounted.

Approximate RMT Locations:

  • The Queensway at South Kingsway, Toronto, ON

  • The Danforth at Victoria Park, Toronto, ON


Payment Policy

In order to ensure our RMTs are paid for their service, we ask for payment before the appointment. You will be asked your preferred method of payment: e-transfer or credit card. With credit cards, we can send an online invoice or we can save your credit card to our secure system. This can make the initial and following appointments quick, easy, and effortless. Any last-minute changes of massage duration or cancelation will be refunded/compensated. If you have any concerns, please contact us.


Cancellation Policy

Please cancel at least 24 hour before your scheduled appointment. We understand that things come up and life gets hectic. Because of this, we'll let the first two late cancellations slide. However, on the third time, you will be charged a late cancellation fee equal to half your appointment cost. If you do not pay the late cancellation fee before your next appointment, it will be added on top of the cost of the treatment. Refusal to pay late fees can result in us discharging you as a client. If the RMT ends treatment due to inappropriate behavior, the full appointment fee will still apply.